Tecnifibre 305 reel 1.10mm / 18 gauge


Product Description

Tecnifibre has deleted the 225 model and now has brought out 305 in an 18 gauge.

The reels are bigger too - 660 feet / 200m.

Color: green

Gauge: 18g / 1.10mm

Reel size: 660 feet / 200m



By Larry - SquashUnlimited from Kingston, ON on 31/08/2011

Tecnifibre 305 has always been a great string for the player looking for an elastic / soft playing string. Available in both 17 and 18 gauge the 305 offers players a choice in durability / performance. 18 gauge (1.10mm) is the thinner of the two and offers up the best performance. Be aware, players who hit around the edge of the racquet may "shear" off the string leading to premature breakage. From playtesting the new 305 1.10mm has a softer, more elastic feel to it than the older 305 from 2-3 years ago. Which is a definite plus. One weird note - it seems greener than the old version (!) - maybe it has more PU or some other magical ingredient but whatever it is, it is a move up in the performance scale.

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