Salming Race R1 2.0 '14 Yellow M


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The Salming Race R1 2.0 features the same lightweight as the R2 model with a full gum rubber color on the sole.

Wear the shoe that many of the top pros will be wearing on the court for the upcoming season.

New features include a full gum rubber sole, lighter weight, and a more flexible LMS (midsole) for improved comfort and stealth like movement.

Also features an improved medial side abrasion zone for those toe draggers.

This model of the R1 2.0 is distinguished from the other R1 2.0 models by the removal of the LMS system (midfoot stabilizer), added tongue retention straps (internal), and the full colored gum rubber sole. All of this adds up to a lighter weight, secure fitting shoe with more flexibility to aid movement.


Gender men


  Floating on a cloud

By Steve from London ON on 02/04/2014

Been wearing the new Salming Race R1 for a few weeks now playing 2-3 times per week at a B level. Previous shoe was Asics gel blast V which I loved. These shoes are equal in maneuverability and traction. They have a cloud like cushioning that the asics did not. Have not had the issues of blisters that I had after epic games with the asics. Bottom line is that I don't notice them and can trust them 100% while lunging, stopping, and sudden change in direction laterally. I do drag the toe a bit and see some wear already where the asics put up with a couple of years with minor wear only. Therefore can't speak to longevity yet. Great shoe so far!!

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